Domestic Violence Survivor Helps Abused Women Regain Their Voice

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"Within the African American community, we have a proud history of praising Black women–and rightfully so– for their remarkable resolve to overcome life’s most daunting obstacles. Be it raising children as single mothers or juggling three jobs to make ends meet while going to school part-time, there is nothing a Black woman can’t overcome, if she puts her mind to it.

However, the “strong Black woman” narrative has cultivated an unfortunate belief that they can somehow manage the pain of emotional and physical abuse better than other races." Read More

"And you said..."

Glamour LetterQuasona and her mom, Arlene Gordon, are featured in the "And you said..." section of August 2013 issue of Glamour Magazine. The letter is a follow up to Quasona's feature in Glamour's Tell Somebody campaign against relationship violence. In this letter Quasona describes her mother's journey of recovery from the horrific acts of violence that were done to her by Quasona's abusive ex-boyfriend and the outcome of the 3 year long court process.

Katie Couric

Quasona Cobb on Katie

Quasona was featured on Katie Courics's daytime talk show, Katie, on September 20, 2012 to discuss her experience with dating violence and the impact it had on her family. 

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“I Survived Relationship Abuse”

Quasona partnered with Glamour Magazine to do a PSA for their Tell Somebody campaign sharing her story about relationship abuse.

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Quasona was featured in Glamour Magazine's national campaign agains relationship abuse.  Quasona, along with other young women, share their stories of surival and raise awareness of the dangers of dating violence.

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"He “threatened me,” “strangled me with a PlayStation cord,” “lunged at me with a pocketknife.” A horror movie? No, real life for far too many young women, an exclusive new Glamour survey reveals. Why is relationship violence still so frighteningly common in 2011? And how can we help? The answer starts with two simple words: Tell Somebody."


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