Working with See the Triumph

Quasona recently joined the team at See the Triumph where she will serve as a contributor to their blog. Like Quasona, See the Triumph is committed to ending the stigmas associated with victims and survivors of dating violence.

Click here to meet the Co-Founders, Dr.Christine E. Murray and Allison Crowe, and the rest of the contributors.

Click here to read Quasona's first entry, "6 Common Questions about Teen Dating Violence".

Raising Awareness in Upper Manhattan

In 2010 the Congress declared February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month. Dating violence also known as relationship abuse and/or intimate partner violence refers to the financial, physical, emotional, and sexual control of one partner.

To help raise awareness to this preventable crisis Quasona and friends put together a Valentine's Anytime Mixer and Awareness event in their community.

The ladies at did a write up of Quasona, the upcoming event, and Break the Cycle.

Read here.

Someone You Should Know: Quasona Cobb

Relationship abuse survivor and advocate, Amy Thompson, reached out to Quasona to share her story on Amy's blog, Picking Up the Pieces: Reclaiming Life After Domestic Violence.

The text below is quoted from the article:

"Further, this family’s story serves as a reminder to all those who insist that all risk ends when you leave; this is not the case, and what Quasona’s family endured at the hands of this man is example enough. You never know how desperate they will become when backed into a corner."

Click the title to read more: Someone You Should Know: Quasona Cobb

"One Woman's Real-Life Nightmare and What We All Can Do to Help Victims of Dating Violence" -Glamour Magazine

Quasona teamed up with Glamour Magazine, Avon Foundation for Women and the National Domestic Violence Hotline to launch their #GivingTuesday campaign. The organizations are fundraising to provide online and chat services for the National Domestic Violence Hotline.

Click here to read how dating violence has impacted both Quasona and her mother, Arlene Gordon.

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Domestic Violence Unmasked

Domestic Violence Unmasked is an experiential project on community awareness of domestic violence. This project was inspired by my conversations with social workers, friends, colleagues, my family, and my community.

Domestic Violence Unmasked covers the myths & social stigmas surrounding domestic violence, victim blaming, prevention, resources for domestic violence victims, and survivor solidarity.

Photography & Editing: Mike Oliver

Composer: Calbert Warner

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