My Mental Health Break: Knowing When to Take a Step Back

Hello Everyone!

I know that I have been missing in action for quite some time (missed a bunch of S.A.A.M events) but simply put, I needed a break.

I have tried to pen this letter for a week now, but I could not come up with the right language to describe how I felt. I have been through the roller-coaster of sadness, anger, frustration, and letting disappointment getting the best of me. I also felt that I was neglecting other areas of my life, i.e. relationships/ friendships, sleep time, and me time.

A few drafts and a vacation later I decided that a few sentences can express my feelings:

  • I have a new role at work that requires more time and focus.
  • The support is not there.
  • This work is physically and mentally draining.
  • A huge miscommunication/ stood up by a contact for a presentation (a day of confusion/ mayhem). I ended up lost and in a full panic attack.
  • Triggers, triggers, triggers.

Those five bullet points above are enough to put me in a not so good place emotionally and mentally. I had to do what was best for me and take a much needed break.

That does NOT mean that I stopped advocating for intimate partner violence awareness; that is impossible for me to stop doing. Relationship abuse has forever changed my life-- I am an activist against it and you can see that in my conversation, my attitude, and my beliefs.

However, I am taking a step back and limiting my speaking engagements. I will continue to write about my experiences and participate in walkathons, workshops and events to raise awareness.

This upcoming Wednesday, April 23 I will be at City Hall for the #DenimDayNYC rally and then at Columbia University speaking with MSW students.

I have some upcoming projects for later on in the year: an appearance in a documentary and a book; an awareness event in October (Nat’l DV Awareness Month); and hopefully a script for a screenplay!

Stay Tuned!