Domestic Violence Unmasked: Survivor Solidarity

"I am a survivor and I do not live in shame. I'm using my story to reach out to other young adults and let them know that violent relationships are not normal relationships. I do not feel an ounce of shame when I tell people that I was once in a violent relationship. Nor do I feel guilty when I discuss how dating violence has impacted my family.

Abusers are responsible for their own actions. The abuse is about the control and manipulation of one partner, that is not the same thing as love. Battering is not a phase.

To those of you that are silent out of fear, please confide in someone, please call a hotline and create a safety plan. There are so many resources out there to help leave these harmful relationships. To those of you that judge victims of domestic violence, please visit the National Domestic Violence Hotline site and educate yourself on the reality of violent relationships. Parents, family members, educators, mentors, colleagues, and friends let's support each other and build healthy relationships."

-Quasona Cobb