Quasona Cobb PortraitQuasona Cobb is an intimate partner violence survivor. As a young survivor, Quasona seeks to utilize her story to educate young adults about the seriousness and reality of domestic violence. It is with this intent that Quasona also hopes to inspire other survivors to speak out as a means to end relationship abuse.
In June 2011 Quasona was featured in Glamour Magazine's Tell Somebody article and online PSA to campaign against the secrecy of relationship violence. As part of her brand as a speaker, Quasona's story and mission to raise awareness of, and fight against, domestic violence can be found on a multitude of social networking platforms, her personal website, and the other media outlets that have shared her experience. Quasona made an appearance in September 2012 on Kate Couric's talk show "Katie", to discuss young adult dating violence.
Just recently, Quasona created an awareness video and photography project, Domestic Violence Unmasked for October 2013 National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Domestic Violence Unmasked is an experiential project on community awareness of domestic violence. The project focuses on the myths & social stigmas surrounding domestic violence, victim blaming, prevention, resources for domestic violence victims, and survivor solidarity.
Quasona participates in workshops, discussion panels, and symposiums hosted by various New York City agencies, such as the Children's Aid Society Family Wellness Program, the Administration for Children's Services, and the Department of Youth and Community Development. She combines this knowledge along with her personal testimony to educate and inform young adults in open forums and motivational speeches.
In addition to her work with local agencies, Quasona focuses on community awareness, youth empowerment, sharing her story with various churches and educational institutions. For Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month, February 2014, Quasona hosted an awareness event and fundraiser for Break the Cycle. Break the Cycle is our national teen dating violence prevention and intervention agency. The event held at Dyckman Bar, was attended by colleagues, friends, family, and members of the Washington Heights community.